Aug 14, 2022

A Retreat With Dual Views in Jackson Hole

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Above all else, this home pays homage to its location. After spending years in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the homeowners sprang into action when they found this property, which offers grand views of both the Snake River and the Grand Tetons. “We knew where we wanted to be,” the wife says. “We wanted those views, and we wanted to be on the river—we were drawn to this specific site.”

Architect John Lauman of JLF Architects planned the house around those views. Lauman and his team studied the property and designed the home to maximize views of its sublime landscape. “Planning and drawing are more affordable than realizing you put the house in the wrong place,” he says. The homeowners also collaborated with interior designer Kate Binger, who understands the importance of surrounding location. “When I am working in my hometown of Jackson, there is the constant of our landscape being a massive source of inspiration—and an element to succumb to,” she says.

Like other designs by JLF Architects, this home features rustic finishes. “When we’re done, the idea is that the house has always been there,” Lauman says. In this case, Lauman believes the design depends on the home’s idyllic location. “It doesn’t make a statement on its own,” he says. “It needs its surroundings. It’s kind of symbiotic in that the site informs the house.”

Inside, the homeowners took a more modern approach, adding steel and other contemporary materials. “I wouldn’t classify it as rustic in the interior,” the wife says. The home’s modern finishes complement the reclaimed wood. “The beauty of this rustic wood is its inherently dynamic nature,” Binger says. “It’s earthy, visually warm and plays well with a plethora of other materials.”

The primary bedroom is a compilation of rustic and modern elements. The room pairs barnwood with honed limestone on the fireplace and in the bathroom. The juxtaposition creates balance in a peaceful space, and the art brings everything together. “In the bedroom, we specifically picked artwork with more serene tones,” the wife says. “This space is elevated and calming,” Binger adds.