Jun 05, 2023

Yahoo Life: 52 Courtyard Ideas to Maximize Your Outdoor Space

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52 Courtyard Ideas to Maximize Your Outdoor Space
# 07/52 - Walking on Water Courtyard
# 12/52 - Courtyard Water Features

Residential courtyards come in many shapes and sizes. From classic gathering spaces at the center of the home to gated front courtyard entrances, pass-through courtyard flower gardens, and backyard lots enclosed by high walls with outdoor kitchens, living rooms, or pools. Whether you’re looking to optimize an existing courtyard or convert the backyard into a structured multipurpose space, here are some ideas to help you choose the perfect layout, finishes, hardscaping, and landscaping to turn your home courtyard into an outdoor oasis and a bonus room.

Concrete walkways that appear to float above the water give this Park City, UT courtyard a contemporary feel, creating a central focal point that echoes the glass-and-steel grid windows of the home designed by JLF Architects.

This Park City, UT home designed by JLF Architects is built around a central courtyard that includes multiple water features to cultivate a sparkling, flowing micro-environment for the house—including a mining sluice box-style waterfall that cascades down the sloping site to flow into the courtyard area and out
under the dining room.