May 16, 2023

Park City DABS warehouse to reopen Monday after quick work by Big-D Signature

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Richard Whitney is the vice president of local construction company Big D Signature. It was brought in by the state to repair damage caused by the collapse.

“It was basically a complete collapse for about a third of the building,” Whitney said.

Beyond that, the electric and gas lines were shot, and other parts of the roof were stretched and ripped. Whitney said the response from the Park City Fire District helped stop water flowing throughout the building, which occurred due to a sprinkler being damaged. He said the fire district likely saved a lot of merchandise.

First, contractors worked to stabilize the roof to ensure it wouldn’t completely collapse. That included clearing what Whitney said was over three feet of dense snow.

“We had people working on that, 16-hour days, all day Saturday and Sunday,” Whitney said.

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system had to be completely replaced as well.

“We had to redo the gas lines,” he said. “We had to redo the fire lines. We had to remove all the electrical panels, rewire everything.

“We had probably in the area of anywhere between 40 and 50 men there.”

After that, employees of the Department of Beverage Services were able to come in to clean and organize the inventory. A DABS spokesperson said licensees can start picking up products at the store on Monday.

As a warehouse store, it’s not open to the general public and is only for restaurants and bars with liquor licenses.

While it’s able to open, Whitney said there’s still more work to be done.

“We haven’t totally repaired it yet, we’ve stabilized it,” he said.

“The collapsed area — we’ve completely isolated it so they can open back up again.”

Whitney thanked partners and contractors for helping with repairs.